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Handcrafted Soy Candles, Wax Melts, Wax/Oil Burners, Reed Diffusers & Room Fragrances

 Natures Elements Artistry Candles are handcrafted, hand poured and use luxury premium natural soy wax which burns three times longer and cleaner than paraffin wax example a 250ml candle would burn for aprox 50 hours. Paraben free, vegan friendly, no animal derived ingredients and not tested on animals. Quality blended fragrances with an amazing scent throw, the oils used are as natural as they can be, paraben free and phthalate free. The oils are blended with the wax so the scent will last the life of the candle. The wick is organically grown quality wood wicks that gives a strong flame and allows the candle to burn evenly so no waxed is wasted. First time you light the candle it is important to let it burn for 2-3 hours allowing the wax to liquify and melt edge to edge. Postage and packaging is included in the price of the candle to UK only.


Natures Elements Artistry Wax Melts are made from top quality soy wax, hand poured and fragranced with beautiful oil scents to fill your room with your choice of our amazing wax melts.

Natures Elements Artistry Wax/Oil Burners we have beautiful selection to choose from. Can be use with your choice of wax melts or oils if you prefer.


Natures Elements Artistry Reed Diffusers are a great way to add beautiful fragrance to your room. They lasts longer than a candle, while the lack of flame makes them safer. It also helps to impact the overall feel of a room.

Our luxury diffusers are hand crafted using the highest quality fragrance oils.

They add a decorative touch to any room and fill the home with up to three months of luxurious scents.


Natures Elements Artistry Room Fragrances are hand blended with essential fragrance oils and hand poured, just spritz around your home for a fabulous luxury scent which lasts.


Postage and packaging is included in the price to UK only.

Luxury Wax Melts In Gift Box With Box Assorted
Candles & Diffusers
9.00 GBP

Assorted shapes, colours and fragrances wax melts in gift box with coordinating bow.

Long lasting, Highly scented fragrance, Eco friendly and vegan, Hand-poured Soy Wax Melts.

Colours, shapes and fragrances may vary from photos depending on our stock levels, but will have a similar look with bow and label and the same quality of wax melts.

Gift boxed assorted colours and fragranced wax melts fiver or seven melts in each box depending on the size and shape of the melts. The price included P&P to UK only. The box size is 15.5cm x 5.5cm x 6.5cm. A lovely way to introduce fragrance in your home. Can be used in electric burner or tealight burner (see selection on our website in this section). Makes a perfect gift.

We suggest using wax melt reusable liners makes it easier to change your fragrances without the mess, see them in this section and add to your basket 2 in each pack.